Welcome to A.D. Engineering International

A.D. Engineering International is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality electronic equipment for the road traffic / ITS industry. Over the last 36 years we have specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of Electronic Signs, Signals, and Displays to provide information, traffic control and road safety.

We are not an importer of electronic equipment – we design and manufacture 100% in Australia. We have many years of experience researching, designing and testing the ideal components for our products, which are designed for and ideally suited to Australia’s harsh environmental conditions.

We are committed to producing the most innovative, reliable and longest service life electronic equipment to meet your specific project requirements. We provide our clients with on-going support and back-up service for the “life of the product”.

Our product range includes: LED Signs, Solar Powered Transportable LED Displays – VMS Trailers, Electronic Variable Speed Limit Signs, School Zone Signs, Radar Speed Displays, Portable Traffic Signals, Lane Usage Signals, Ramp Control Signs, Arrow Boards, Car Parking Signs and Systems, Digital Clocks, and Scoreboards.

Roadside advertising has become so commonplace today that many of us can’t imagine driving anywhere without seeing a billboard, but traditional roadside signs have numerous drawbacks versus the newer electronic road signs. Electronic advertising signs, also known as LED displays or Variable Message Signs (VMS signs), can have its advertising message changed as often as you like, just by the click of a button from your computer software. You can try and test different messages, engage various target markets and promote a variety of products and services without the extra cost and waiting time.

Vivid and attractive advertising that you control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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